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    product name:NR450 Concrete Slipform Paver

    Update time:2020-6-9 10:30:25

    Product Details

    NR450海報 縮2.jpg

    NR series multifunctional cement concrete slipform paver is a product independently developed by Xuzhou Xinlu Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.. NR series concrete slipform paver is specially used for paving various plane concrete structures on the front, with a single paving covering 0-10m. It can be used for paving rural roads, high-speed rail support layer, airport apron, large ports and site hardening, etc. 

    Main performance and characteristics of NR450 concrete slipform paver:

    1、 Individualized design, clear at a glance, easy operation, quick and comprehensive control, modern control screen and clear graphical identification symbols make the operation of paver easier and faster; 

    2、 multi-channel sensor elevation control, in order to ensure that NR450 has a more ideal paving effect in the construction process, this product is equipped with an elevation leveling sensor, and the hydraulic pressure adopts proportional control, which improves the response speed and stability of the sensor, thus improving the smoothness of paving and ensuring the accuracy and quality of paving structures。

    NR600 concrete slipform paver technical parameters:

    Paving width: 0-450cm

    Paving height: 0-300cm

    Spreading speed: 0-15m/min

    Turning radius: 0-150cm

    Walking speed: 0-35m/min

    Hydraulic system: hydraulic pump, motor and valve adopt international famous brands.

    Electrical System: Double Independent Controllers, Independent Intellectual Property Rights of Sensors, Purchasing Famous Brands at Home and Abroad

    Vibrating rod: 12 hydraulic vibrating lines, independently adjustable

    Feeding system: belt feeding, auger feeding

    Walking system: 4-track hydraulic drive, planetary deceleration, independent steering

    Engine: cummins QSB5.9 power 132KW

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